I'm writing an eBook: Implementing Laravel

I'm writing an eBook called Implementing Laravel. It will be for bridging the gap between knowing how to use Laravel and knowing how to implement Laravel using SOLID principles in practices.

Speed up your PHP application with Zend OpCache

OpCache is like APC - it caches your compiled PHP so you don't need to rebuild it on every request. PHP 5.5 comes with OpCache out of the box. I happen to have PHP 5.4 and wanted it now, so I decided to install it. Here's how.

Extending the Request and Response class in Laravel 4

There has been some confusion about how to extend the Illuminate Request and/or the Response classes. Because of their importance in handling HTTP requests, these two classes are handled slightly differently than normal classes. I will go over how to extend them and then I will show you a method which favors composition over inheritance.


There's some confusion about what the PHP-FIG is. I'm here to add to that confusion.

Handling Proxies in Laravel 4

When your Laravel web app is behind a load balancer, reverse-proxy or other intermediary, you don't get the correct user IP address reported to you. This will cover how to retrieve the correct client IP address in those situations.