node.js resources. GET HYPE!

  1. Easiest way to install node.js on your Mac: Download and doubleclick (Source: here)
  2. Make sure you have npm - See Step 4 (If you're on a Mac, you already have it). Makes installing modules EASY.
  3. Read the documentation on node.js
  4. Review recommended modules (MySQL?! YES, PLEASE)
  5. Install the Express framework (In terminal: $ sudo npm install express). Check out their screencasts to get started quickly.
  6. Learn the jade template engine. (In terminal: $ sudo npm install jade )
  7. Grab the html5 boilerplate for node.js (And bug robrighter to keep up with boiler plate updates)
  8. Move out of your parent's basement and get a job (Article from Mashable as well)

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