Announcing Servers for Hackers

Yesterday I tweeted about Servers for Hackers, and the response was fantastic! I'm super pumped that so many people are interested about servers.

What Is It?

I've been working with virtual machines for development (and production!) for the last 2 years. Over that time, I've gained a TON of knowledge about what level of server knowledge can make a programmer super productive and efficient.

Most notable, I've seen how even just a little server knowledge can make the difference between a productive day and a wasted day.

This newsletter will aim to help programmers learn to get off of their MAMP and WAMP installs.

Topics covered will vary from basic setup, dev-ops, terminal shortcuts, production server needs, configuration, security and much more. This newsletter will mostly, but not exclusively, center around web development.


The typical newsletter format doesn't work for me. A long list of resources, even if they are amazing resources, is information over-load. There's too much to sift through and readers don't end up reading them.

Servers for Hackers will come roughly twice a month. Each edition will contain 1 or 2 topics. Each topic will be thoroughly explored, guiding you from basic resources to more advanced ones. The actual emails will contain overviews on the topics, but the actual content will reside on the Servers for Hackers website, where the information will always be available.