Setting up Varnish

Jul 18, 2013

Set up Varnish, and some PHP in Laravel for setting proper headers

Production-Ready Beanstalkd with Laravel 4 Queues

Jul 15, 2013

Queues are a great way to take some task out of the user-flow and put them in the background. Here's (most of) how I set up Beanstalkd to work with Laravel 4 in a production environment.

Speed up your PHP application with Zend OpCache

Jun 25, 2013

OpCache is like APC - it caches your compiled PHP so you don't need to rebuild it on every request. PHP 5.5 comes with OpCache out of the box. I happen to have PHP 5.4 and wanted it now, so I decided to install it. Here's how.

Extending the Request and Response class in Laravel 4

Jun 04, 2013

There has been some confusion about how to extend the Illuminate Request and/or the Response classes. Because of their importance in handling HTTP requests, these two classes are handled slightly differently than normal classes. I will go over how to extend them and then I will show you a method which favors composition over inheritance.


May 09, 2013

There's some confusion about what the PHP-FIG is. I'm here to add to that confusion.

Handling Proxies in Laravel 4

Apr 30, 2013

When your Laravel web app is behind a load balancer, reverse-proxy or other intermediary, you don't get the correct user IP address reported to you. This will cover how to retrieve the correct client IP address in those situations.

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS LEMP Server Setup

Apr 29, 2013

This will go over getting an Ubuntu 12.04 LTS server up and running for production use using Nginx instead of Apache. This does not pretend to be an exhaustive resource, particularly around security. This is Laravel friendly.

Vim Tricks

Apr 26, 2013

A growing list of Vim tricks as I learn them.

An Explanation of Caching

Apr 22, 2013

The most powerful cache isn't necessarily the one you install on your application server. Here are the different kinds of caching available and what they mean for your web application.