Audio Gear for Video Casting Meatbags

May 13, 2015

Since I'm doing a lot of video casting lately, I've invested in some decent gear. Here's how I came about and decided on what gear to get!

Laravel/Symfony Console Commands & Stderr

May 05, 2015

When we use Symfony's Console component to write CLI commands in PHP (and you should!), we're almost always writing any output to "stdout". This isn't necessarily good.

Hexagonal Architecture

Jun 28, 2014

I recently gave a talk on Hexagonal Architecture at Laracon NYC. The feedback was great, but seemed to have left people wanting for some extra explanation and of course examples. This is an attempt to expand on the ideas of that presentation.


May 09, 2014

Since Ubuntu 14.04 is released, and most of the kinks are worked out, I wanted to let you know how I see Vaprobash moving forward.

By the Way

Mar 16, 2014

Often I see people in articles, comments, and chat espousing "the right way" to code. This is a reaction to that.

How We Code: ORMs and Anemic Domain Models

Mar 09, 2014

In this article, I'm going to cover an example of implementing some business logic in our usual Active Record patterns, and then I'll show how the same logic can be applied using the Data Mapper pattern. In both cases, we'll see how we can move our business logic into our business entities, thus avoiding anemic business domain. We'll also cover pros and cons of the two styles of ORMs and how they affect the way we write our code.

HHVM, Nginx and Laravel

Jan 11, 2014

Lots of people have been asking about how to install HHVM with Nginx for use with Laravel. Here's how! This will cover material used in Vaprobash, my project for configuring Ubuntu virtual machine with Vagrant.

Database Transactions in Laravel

Dec 28, 2013

Laravel's documentation on Database Transactions describes wrapping our database calls within a closure. What if we need more power? Let's dig in to see what's going on behind the scenes, and what tools we have to work with Database Transactions in Laravel.

So You Got Yourself a Load Balancer

Dec 18, 2013

When you put your web application behind a load balancer, or any type of reverse proxy, you immediately need to take some important factors into consideration. This article will cover those considerations, as well as discuss common solutions.

HTTP Middleware in Laravel 4.1

Dec 09, 2013

As of Laravel 4.1, the framework now uses StackPHP's implementation of Symfony's HttpKernel. This means we can add our own middleware to our HTTP layer! Here's how.

Managing the Iptables Firewall

Dec 08, 2013

Your firewall is an important first line of defense on any publicly-accessible server. In previous articles I listed how to set up a firewall without getting into any detail. This article goes into depth with configuring your iptables firewall.

Vim and Tmux on your Mac

Nov 19, 2013

Setting up your computer for Vim and Tmux often comes with a few issues. Here's how to manage plugins for Vim and use Tmux to boost your productivity, as well as settle a few common issues.

Your Mac as a Server

Nov 01, 2013

Mac's come with the ability to serve static content out of the box! and there are simple options to get fancier with dynamic content. Here are some examples.

Full-Site Delivery with Cloudfront

Oct 09, 2013

If you have a highly-trafficked site or want the best site-speed for global traffic, using a CDN such as Amazon's Cloudfront might be worth your time. Here I investigate whether it's worth using Cloudfront to deliver not just static assets, but your whole site.