HTTP Middleware in Laravel 4.1

Dec 09, 2013

As of Laravel 4.1, the framework now uses StackPHP's implementation of Symfony's HttpKernel. This means we can add our own middleware to our HTTP layer! Here's how.

Managing the Iptables Firewall

Dec 08, 2013

Your firewall is an important first line of defense on any publicly-accessible server. In previous articles I listed how to set up a firewall without getting into any detail. This article goes into depth with configuring your iptables firewall.

Vim and Tmux on your Mac

Nov 19, 2013

Setting up your computer for Vim and Tmux often comes with a few issues. Here's how to manage plugins for Vim and use Tmux to boost your productivity, as well as settle a few common issues.

Your Mac as a Server

Nov 01, 2013

Mac's come with the ability to serve static content out of the box! and there are simple options to get fancier with dynamic content. Here are some examples.

Full-Site Delivery with Cloudfront

Oct 09, 2013

If you have a highly-trafficked site or want the best site-speed for global traffic, using a CDN such as Amazon's Cloudfront might be worth your time. Here I investigate whether it's worth using Cloudfront to deliver not just static assets, but your whole site.

Install Older Versions of NodeJS

Oct 03, 2013

NodeJS introduced some breaking changes in its 0.10 version. Because this breaks so many packages, I often need to install pre-0.10 versions of Node. Here's how to do that in Ubuntu 12.04 server.

I'm writing an eBook: Implementing Laravel

Aug 18, 2013

I'm writing an eBook called Implementing Laravel. It will be for bridging the gap between knowing how to use Laravel and knowing how to implement Laravel using SOLID principles in practices.

Setting up Varnish

Jul 18, 2013

Set up Varnish, and some PHP in Laravel for setting proper headers

Production-Ready Beanstalkd with Laravel 4 Queues

Jul 15, 2013

Queues are a great way to take some task out of the user-flow and put them in the background. Here's (most of) how I set up Beanstalkd to work with Laravel 4 in a production environment.